10,000 strong student protest in Dublin!


“Approximately 10,000 students from all across Ireland walked through the streets of Dublin fighting not only against the introduction of a loan system, but also for completely free third level education. Shouts of ‘What do we want? Free Education! When do we want it? Now!’ reverberated through the crowd. Speeches from the stage highlighted the horrific reality of years of austerity and what it has done to the education system; higher drop out rates, mental health problems, and a lack of necessary services. This is in response to a possibility of student loans, an even bigger response can be expected if this proposal becomes more concrete.”

-Monika Janas, student member of the Socialist Party Ireland

Socialist Students supports Spanish student strike

Stop tuition hikes and attacks on public education!

The Spanish Students Union (Sindicato de Estudiantes) has called for a general strike of students on Wednesday, October 26 to protest attacks on public education.

A reform proposed by the current right-wing government will impose a series of exams, “revalidations”, on students between 15 and 17 years old. If they can’t pass the exam they won’t be able to move on or graduate, even if they’ve passed all their classes for the year.

The action of Spanish Students Union has won the support of Confederation of Parents’ Associations (CEAPA) and of numerous teachers’ unions. Over 70 demonstrations are planned. The students are appealing for support:

“We, students who hail from working class families – the overwhelming majority of students – have suffered the degradation of our schools and universities, a shortage of teachers and resources, the elimination of government assistance to students from more humble backgrounds, and hike of up to 66% in university fees.

“These reforms have meant the exclusion of tens of thousands of students from university, overcrowding in classrooms and the imposition of the study of Catholic religion.”

Now with this new reform thousand of students will be expelled from the public education system even at earlier stages, equivalent to 10th or 12th grades.

Public education in the U.S. is also facing attacks. Tuition at public colleges has dramatically increased and the average college student now graduates with more than $30,000 in debt. Our public K-12 school systems have been systematically starved of resources, while the 1% gets huge tax breaks.

Socialist Students in the U.S. stands in solidarity with student in Spain and will be organizing solidarity actions across the US. Contact us for more info about how to get involved to support.

Messages of support, videos and photos expressing support should be sent to sindicato@sindicatodeestudiantes.net with copies to dannybyrnesp@gmail.com