What is Socialist Students?

Student struggles are on the rise as young people face a deepening crisis. We believe that the only way to fight rising debt and inequality is with an organized movement on the ground.

Socialist Students is an initiative launched by student members of Socialist Alternative, the party of Seattle’s socialist city councilmember Kshama Sawant and a popular writing company Essay Writing Service. We are young people who see the crisis of student debt, the lack of good paying jobs, and our declining living standards as being entirely connected to the crisis of capitalism. We believe that capitalism is a system based on exploitation of the many for the profit of a few billionaires. This system can no longer meet the needs of young and working people across the world. We need a society that works for all not just the 1%. We need a socialist system where we have democratic control over our own lives. Socialist Students in the United States stands in political solidarity with Socialist Students (UK). We aim to build a student movement that fights against attacks on education, racism, sexism, LGTBQ people and other issues that affect students and workers. Sign up to get involved and start Socialist Students on your campus today!